02 Oct 2018 Meeting Minutes


Brookdale Paulin Creek


Start Time: 12:12 pm
End Time: 1:12 pm


8 Members: President MeL Konrad, VP Education Brian Buckman, VP Public Relations Anna Wong, VP Membership Bert Rangel, Sergeant Kelly Cunneen, Treasurer Mark Burchill, Secretary Frank Moraes, and Steve Domkowski.

2 Guests: TM Thea Daniels and Charlie


President: MeL Konrad
Toastmaster: Brian Buckman
Greeter: Anna Wong
Table Topics: MeL Konrad
General Evaluator: Brian Buckman
Grammarian: Anna Wong
Ah-Counter: Bert Rangel
Timer: Mark Burchill.


Frank Moraes: “Why You Should Read Don Quixote” — Dynamic Leadership Path — Evaluation and Feedback speech.

Evaluated by Steve Domkowski.

Thea Daniels: “The Fear of Not Doing Something” — Impromptu fill-in.

No evaluation.

Previous Buisness


Special Thanks for Thea Daniels

Experienced Toastmaster Thea Daniels was a guest at our meeting and really stepped up to help us out because of some absences. She gave a speech for our second unassigned speaking slot. I don’t think I’m alone is my gratefulness. Thanks Thea!

Important: Membership Dues Can Still Be Submitted

There is a month grace period for membership dues. So if you haven’t submitted them, please contact Mark and get paid up. Thanks!



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