Minutes for the 02 Oct 2018 Executive Meeting

  • Start Time: 11:04 am

  • Location: Brookdale Paulin Creek

  • Presiding officer: President MeL Konrad

  • Attendees: MeL Konrad, VP Education Brian Buckman, nominated VP Public Relations Anna Wong, VP Membership Bert Rangel, Treasurer Mark Burchill, Sergeant Kelly Cunneen, and Secretary Frank Moraes.

  • Previous Month’s Minutes: approved.

  • Financial report: Mark sent out the financial report and the quarterly budget comparison. Expenses are low. We’ve only received 8 dues despite the fact that we have more members. Mark will look into this.

  • DP Status: Brian reported that we got the required 8 dues and club officer list submitted on time. We are working toward our Level I. MeL will give Brian a CL to report at the next meeting or two. Mark has an ALS (for sponsoring the Sonic club) to submit. There will be a local training on 1 December 2018. We will get points if we send 4 people to it.

  • Old Business:

    • Frank presented information on our new blog, which is up at NoonToastmasters.com. He will act as editor for the time being. Accounts will be set up for other club members. Currently, there are accounts for Anna and Frank.

    • Frank pushed the podcast off until the next meeting.

  • VP Reports:

    • Education: Brian said he was pressing forward with people getting their Level I.

    • Membership: Bert and MeL discussed having guest gift packets.

    • Public Relations: Anna will be setting up a LinkedIn account for us. She now has access to our Instagram and Facebook accounts. We discussed putting out a list of all our social media accounts for everyone.

  • Housekeeping items:

    • Kelly and MeL put together a new system so that we can start up the meetings more quickly.

    • MeL asked that Brian read every position (even the ones that are filled) when listing them at the end of the regular meetings.

  • Discussions:

    • We’ve decided to keep the room set-up as we find it so that less work is required.

    • The club is going to have an open house on 30 October 2018 (the 5th Tuesday of the month) at 12:12 pm. Anna said she would give a speech and provide food. Mark will do Table Topics. We need to follow-up with any people who come to the meeting.

    • Bert proposed that we go paperless — or more paperless. He’s requested PDFs of all our major documents.

    • Noon Toastmasters is sponsoring a new club at Sonic. Mark will be running an example meeting for them on 24 October 2018. MeL (who will be their mentor) and Frank will help out.

  • Motions:

    • Previous Month’s Minutes: Mark motioned, Bert seconded.

    • Have Open House on 30 October 2018: Mark motioned, Frank seconded.

  • Votes:

    • Previous Month’s Minutes: yes (unanimous).

    • Have Open House on 30 October 2018: yes (unanimous).

  • Action Items:

    • Frank and Mark will interface on the technical details of the podcast.

    • Anna will check with TMI to see if it has our right meeting time and location.

    • We need to deactivate the WordPress account. (No one assigned.)

    • Frank will check our old website to see if it has any mention of the old meeting address.

    • Mark will check with members who have not renewed.

    • MeL will change Bert’s position on the old website to VP Membership.

  • End Time: 11:59 am

Join Us!

All members are welcome to join us for executive meetings. They occur at 11:00 am the first Tuesday of each month. They are more lively than they probably sound.

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