Minutes for the 06 Nov 2018 Regular Meeting


Brookdale Paulin Creek


Start Time: 12:12 pm

End Time: 1:15 pm


7 Members: President MeL Konrad, VP Education Brian Buckman, VP Membership Bert Rangel, Sergeant Kelly Cunneen, Treasurer Mark Burchill, Secretary Frank Moraes, and Schell.

3 Guest: Deborah, Alisa, and Yana.


President: MeL Konrad

Toastmaster: MeL Konrad

Table Topics: Mark Burchill

General Evaluator: MeL Konrad

Grammarian: Kelly Cunneen

Timer: MeL Konrad


Brian Buckman: “Eat That Frog!” — Dynamic Leadership Path — Research and Presenting Speech.

Evaluated by Bert Rangel.

Frank Moraes: “Why You Should Read Don Quixote – Part 2” — Evaluation and Feedback — Evaluation and Feedback Speech (Part II).

Evaluated by Round Robin.

Previous Buisness


Important: Membership Dues Can Still Be Submitted

You still have until the end of the month to get your membership dues in. If you haven’t already done so, please do it now!

Next Meeting

04 December 2018



Committee Reports


Noon Toastmasters

Minutes for the 06 Nov 2018 Executive Meeting


  • Start Time: 11:03 am

  • Location: Brookdale Paulin Creek

  • Presiding officer: President MeL Konrad

  • Attendees: MeL Konrad, VP Education Brian Buckman, VP Membership Bert Rangel, Treasurer Mark Burchill, Sergeant Kelly Cunneen, and Secretary Frank Moraes.

  • Previous Month’s Minutes: approved.

  • Financial report: Mark sent out the financial report. We have 11 paid members. Dan Schell has returned and should be submitting his dues soon. We paid for our PO Box last month for the whole year, which is roughly a third of our 6-month budget. Paypal is being a problem. [Secretary’s remark: because they suck!] They wanted lots of information about our contact information. So we are no longer using Paypal and we are no longer accepting credit cards.

  • DP Status: Brian said that Anna and he had almost completed their first path. Our biggest problem with getting DP status is not all the stuff we do. We are an awesome club. Our problem is that we are a small club. Mark proposed that new members starting after the new year sign-up for 9 months instead of the normal 3 months. We will offer $10 off the first yearly membership.

  • Officers Training: Dec 1.

  • Old Business:

    • Mix-up with officers names on the website has been fixed.

    • MeL thanked the group for the successful open house and gave everyone a gift-card for Starbucks. Thanks, MeL!

    • Mark has contacted all outstanding members regarding dues.

    • There was concern about our old address on our local website and the TMI websites. It was not there. It was, however, on Google Maps. Bert contacted Google regarding this and they made an exception and actually fixed the problem. We are now clean.

    • We’ve canceled the podcast.

  • VP Reports:

    • Education: Brian said that we should have two new levels by the next meeting.

    • Membership: Bert sent out a thank you email message to people for coming to the open house. Then he sent another message announcing the current meeting.

  • Housekeeping items:

    • Frank wants the WordPress site destroyed!

    • Nov 20 meeting was canceled due to its proximity to Thanksgiving.

    • Dec 18 meeting will be a Social.

    • Jan meetings are pushed up by a week so that the first meeting will be on Jan 8.

  • Discussions:

    • Bert would like to focus on LinkedIn for marketing.

    • In order to get $50 for the open house, we need (1) copy of guest list; (2) copy of flier; (3) receipts. Information must be provided to Mark.

  • Motions:

    • Previous Month’s Minutes: Mark motioned, Bert seconded.

  • Votes:

    • Previous Month’s Minutes: yes (unanimous).

  • Action Items:

    • MeL and Bert will organize the welcome material.

  • End Time: 12:00 am

Join Us!

All members are welcome to join us for executive meetings. They occur at 11:00 am the first Tuesday of each month. They are more lively than they probably sound.

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