Look Who’s Podcasting Now!

Gabriel Cox

About a year and a half ago, someone mentioned creating a podcast for Noon Toastmasters. I hated the idea — mostly because I knew everyone expected me to do all the technical stuff. (I tell people: my professional life revolves around technology, but I hate it!) It came to nothing when everyone realized that I didn’t actually want to do a podcast and we all sang the traditional “Kumbaya, Thank God We’re All Equally Lazy!”

But that doesn’t mean Noon Toastmasters is barren of podcast-positive people, as I discovered just today.

Our very own VP Membership, Gabriel Cox, has started a podcast as part of his business. And his podcast is called Gabriel Cox Leadership Coaching.

He’s on episode 15 with each ranging from 2 to 15 minutes in length with the vast majority being right around 8 minutes long.

Episode 15 is called What are you chasing? It’s about dreams and the things we do that help and hurt us in achieving them.

It’s very well done. I really have no criticisms other than that he’s bought into the Fake News narrative about Wile E Coyote.

Give it a listen. And congratulations for starting your own podcast, Gabriel!

Noon Toastmaster Club Meeting Minutes 11-19-19

Y19M01119 NTM club mtg minutes

Noon Toastmasters Club Meeting Minutes 11-05-19

Y19M01105 NTM club mtg minutes

Noon Toastmasters Club Minutes 10-01-19

Y19M01001 NTM club mtg minutes

Noon TM Club Meeting Minutes, 9-17-19

Y19M09D17 NTM club mtg minutes

Have Fun with Word of the Day (from YouTube)

This is almost 5 Minutes long.  For a quicker snicker, go to minute 1:57.

Noon Toastmasters Meeting Minutes, 8-20-19

Y19M08D20 NTM club mtg minutes

Noon Toastmasters Meeting Minutes, 9-3-19

Y19M09D03 NTM club mtg minutes

Filler Words, Friends or Foe

Y19M08 Filler Words

Noon Toastmasters Meeting Minutes, 8-6-19

Y19M08D06 NTM club mtg minutes – corrected