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Filler Words, Friends or Foe

Y19M08 Filler Words

Persuasive Speaking

Y19M07 Persuasive Speaking

Connecting With Your Audience

I believe that the art of giving a good speech is really being able to engage and make an impact on your audience with the content you have chosen to talk about. It’s about connection. I can remember a time, which seems not so long ago, when I was absolutely terrified of public speaking or …

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Using Free Writing for Speech Ideas

A lot of people say they have difficulty coming up with ideas for speeches. They are wrong, of course. Get someone talking about their lives and within 5 minutes, they will probably provide ideas for a dozen speeches. When I was a kid, I read a biography of Charles M Schulz. In it, he was …

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Ice Breakers for Public Speakers

At Toastmasters, we think of an “ice breaker” as the first speech that we give in the program. Of course, “ice breaker” has a more general meaning. Most people think of it as some kind of device used by a speaker to capture the audience’s attention. And it is in this regard that I want …

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